What’s a Niche, you ask?

A niche is a style that most people would recognize in art for example.  20 years ago I found my niche and painted my happy, joyous kids doing activities outdoors.  This niche has made my work visible, recognizable and easy to spot from other artists work. 

For years prior to my “niche” I tried all mediums and enjoyed them all.. But the style I am known for is the one that spoke to me and others! 

It’s o.k. if one does not find a niche if painting but it was a natural direction for me.  It’s like a fish who stands out of the school of fish.  So glad I found my style and my own type of brand.  Occasionally I do try other methods of style and colours but no matter what the original comes back to my canvass.  

I can give many examples of who had a style and Picasso would stand out for me.  He did many things but came to be known more for his style of art especially in the figures he painted and silhouettes.  Van Gogh for his thick brushstrokes, Degas for his dancers and on and on.  All styles are beautiful but I am grateful I have found a style and stuck to it and have seen much recognition and success from it.

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