What Are you looking at?

What are you looking at when you look at my art?  Are you looking at the colours, the children, the homes, the sky? 


Take a minute and see something else, see your own childhood.  Do you remember skating in your own back yard rink? Playing hockey with your friends?  Do you remember if you felt cold and wanted to get home for a warm cup of hot chocolate?  Hopefully you might be seeing your own kids in the paintings,  playing or catching a school bus. 


Each of my paintings is something to look at and see something meaningful to you.  When I paint them many have a story behind them.  However other than giving a title I leave the rest up to you to reminisce, to ponder, to perhaps feel nostalgia or look forward to your children enjoying their days.  I think my job is done when you find your own story in my work.


 Thanks for reading.

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