Treasured Gifts

It’s the time of the year when many people show their love and appreciation of others by wishing each other Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays.


  It’s certainly my all time favourite holiday! 


I start my shopping every year way too early and end with way too much!  I truly love to give more than to receive. 


During my art shows I often sign the back of my works to the recipient of the painting and more often than not the paintings are bought to give away at Christmas.  I think that buying artwork for Christmas is a good idea for many reasons.  Artwork is not like a sweater that will be out of style in a’s a lasting gift.  One year I surprised my husband by commissioning an artist to do a portrait of one of my daughters at Christmas.  We still cherish that piece of well done art.


Everyone has different budget allotments but the great thing about buying one of my pieces is that they are affordable and just about anyone can buy it.  Galleries also deliver, install and have lay a way plans too.  Also you can find my prints for sale in case an original is really not in your budget.


So, before you go hopping from store to store do check out my galleries for that perfect piece for one of your loved ones for this wonderful season coming up. 


Happy shopping!


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