Things I have learned.

I have learned that for art sales to happen for an aritst the following helps: 

a)Like what you paint

b)Each piece should be well executed

c) it helps tremendously if your work is liked by the gallery owners

d)Your work is liked by the salesstaff

e) and, liked by the PEOPLE

Some artists paint what they love only, ignoring what someone may want to hang on their walls.  I think that is a bit selfish.

They should paint what they love but keep in mind the public too.  Most people are looking for something to hang on the wall that they can also relate to, or at least give a gift to someone that they hope will also like the painting they get.

While I love what I paint, I have no problem doing the occasional  commission of a scene I may not be familiar with, or even relate to but, that is not a problem for me.  I just add my happy colours to it and the kids I paint in the commission, and then hope the customer likes my version of their cottage, or ski chalet o,r whatever.

I have learned people like to be remembered when they come to an art show (huge honour for me), and treated with care and be thanked that they made it to your event.

   I have learned that the staff is very important during an art show and that good wine or coffee during the event helps too.

Also, a great invitation card for the show is important, mailing the invites out at least 2 weeks prior to the event.  Framing is important, positioning of the artwork in a pleasing manner matters too. 

I have also learned about fair pricing of the artwork and I have learned being humble goes a long long way.. A gallery owner once was telling me one of his artist’s had Big Headitis, I love that!  Being proud is one thing, thinking you are super special is just plain stupid..

Also support from family and friends is a must so they can listen to your high points and low points and listening to their criique of the work you just showed them,  and just producing quality pieces over the years and treating every piece with care will get the sale all the time.

These young ladies have supported me since they were very little!

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