Souless Art

I am no art snob, and I do understand not everyone can buy expensive art.

  Now that I have said that,  I also want to talk about mass reproduced art, made in China, I call this Souless art.

These Chinese painters sit in hen like spaces and just paint and copy and then prints are made and a few in China get super rich.  The “paintings” you may find at places such as Winners, Home Sense,  souvenir shops,  copies transferred onto loose canvas.

 As long as you know you are buying something that is made into thousands and thousands of copies.  

As a mid career artist who toils every day in a studio trying to put out some quality art, and much thought into each canvas I find it very disturbing. 

I know I have no voice in this and in the end it’s your dollars so choose to spend as you wish.  As long as you know you are buying something that no one cared about except a $ sign, this art is simply a filler for your wall. 

It sure won’t say anything about the life you live, the person you are.  When I overheard a couple choosing this “art” and simply calling it by blue or purple I knew that they a)didn’t much care about art and b)it’s just a colour to add to match their furniture. 

Hoping that you can see your way to make it to a Canadian gallery and support Canadian artists and that the gallery also offers layaways, and sometimes can negotiate with the customer. 1554499 

Meanwhile, I will pour my soul into my art no matter what and hope that people will understand what they are buying and who they are supporting.

Thanks for reading!



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