Path to Success

How could I use my past art sale experiences to encourage other artists in any form to “A Path to Success”.

From my own experiences, which are the only ones I am qualified to give would be that hard work, consistency and love of what you do might lead you to that path. 

You have heard it all before, keep trying, don’t give up, believe in yourself, but you know what? All of that is true.  It’s not a cliche.  Not everyone can reach fabulous success, fame, fortune or whatever they wish for.  But, by sticking to a plan you can say you gave it your all, kept on trying to improve you skils and reached some goals and grown along the way. 

Personlay, I have found that my word is my contract and this has helped me gain respect and trust from everyone I deal with on a daily basis. 

From all the dealings I have had with galleries, customers, greeting card companies, if I said I would deliver, I would.  That was it.  There were never any excuses for being late on a promised end date for delivery, amount of work for a show, quality of work for the customers.

By keeping my promises this has given me a good name,  and it’s something I value from people myself.  I never Promise anything that I feel I cannot deliver.  I am disappointed if anyone promises me anything and they don’t deliver and the bond is then broken. Short of a life catastrophe, I will do what I say or won’t say it. 

My dream was to be an artist, I made it happen, my other dream was to illustrate a book, I was happy that it happened.  My dream still is to keep creating art pieces to share with others, I will make it happen.

 How?  I work at it, I think it, I keep trying, I am resilient and bounce back from negative experiences as quickly as possible. 

A path to success might mean something different to many people but, generally I would say it means you have reached something you have desired and worked hard fo,r and got great satisfaction for your efforts.  We can’t all become millionaires or super famous but keep at your dream, (set some realistic goals) and by being focused and true to yourself and others you may find your path to success.  I found my path to my version of success, and am still working on it!  Who knows what lies ahead still?

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