No guarantees!

:-) I have been working daily, always creating, painting, buying more supplies, sometimes twice weekly, and just giving my full attention to painting.  Whether painting for an upcoming show, or just to keep current art pieces in the galleries, I paint. 


Sometimes I stop and think there are NO GUARANTEES.  For what?


                                                                    For sales. 


But, I still paint, because it’s second nature to me.  A day of not creating and painting feels like a wasted day to me. 


Friends or family calls me and I tell them I am busy working, and they ask “where will the next exhibit be?” and, I stop and have to think that sometimes no show is coming up but this is what I do.  You can say it’s for the love of painting but selling is vital, but again there are NO GUARANTEES. 


The eternal optimist in me though happily paints and knows that the right buyer will come at the right time or someone needs a great new collection and more works will be bought at one time and just when I am left wondering about any pay cheques coming the call comes in to set up a new show or new commissions to be painted, so I thank my lucky stars that I can still at least afford the paints to paint, because there are NO GUARANTEES.


The only guarantee is that I will be painting!



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