Looking out the window

I can recall looking out the window as a young girl and being joyful at the sight of snow covered grass, I loved the look of it, and the smell of snow.  It was beautiful!  Today my girls told me their children were also delighted when they were looking out the window.  So glad, for them.


Today, when I was looking out the window, I was sad that I could not be joyful when first seeing the snow.  What happened between then and now?  Must be knowing that it’s going to be a long winter and thoughts of my car getting stuck and being pushed by neighbours out of snow piles, or having to pay the snow plow people every single year to clean my laneway because I just can’t do it, and don’t wish that on my husband either.  Worse yet, freezing right through any winter coat I have bought.  Now, I even worry about the kids freezing, all kids, mine, my grandkids and the other little Canadian children, but if God is good he has made them weatherproof until they too get older…


I also know that I have to fork out the money to go south now because I just can’t handle the thought of no break from winter.  Oh well, for all the skaters, skiers out there sorry for not loving the snow.  However I do paint beautiful scenery with snow, as a matter of fact all my children in my art seem happy and warm in their coats and full of joy as they play hockey, or ski.  I must be painting the child I used to be…Happy winter everyone.

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