I have been featured in….

A great opportunity came to me early in my career when the Ottawa Citizen, Ottawa’s local newspaper did a great article on my art and myself.

It was so exciting for me, a new comer to the art world,  to have a reporter call me and ask to interview me about my art. Also the fact that it was in our citys leading newspaper.  That thrill will never be forgotten.

That article included my first UNICEF card in colour and a good interview.  My first one… This generated even more interest in my work and then more and, more articles popped up about my work, my shows, in Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto and Calgary. 

Ottawa at Home an Ottawa home magazine,  did a nice article about my work, and about my charitable nature two years ago and Mary Taggart, the editor was at my home with her photographer taking different shots of my home, my art and moi.  She also came to my Koyman  art Gallery show that year with photographer in tow and took more shots of me and included my two handsome grandsons.  She made my day by saying in her editors post, she had one of my works in her home, and she suggested all Canadians should have an original Mertikas  .Wow!

Just this past month another short shout out about my new UNICEF card was in the current winter issue. 

I won’t list all the publications I have had the honour of being featured in, but I want to say how great those opportunities to share my art with a wider audience was and how grateful I still am.

 Art has to be seen, and talked about, or it stays on the walls.

 I have been super fortunate that my art speaks volumes too and people have shared their appreciation of my work with their friend,s and so the word got around.

 Nothing fuels me to paint more than honest recognition and knowing that the work is sought after and just makes me want to paint more and more to fill more walls and get acquainted with new customers from near and afar. Being featured was, and is music to my ears..

As an artist I can attest to the fact that it’s frightening to have ones work judged, but it must be done and so I braved criticism by being courageous, and bearing my soul

  I am forever grateful to the kind reporters who thought it was worthy to speak of my art. 

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