Frame Change

Years and styles come and go…not for art, not for well done art but for some furniture, clothes, cars,

A simple way to spruce up your home and give it a fresh look is a simple frame change of your existing art.  Something small like that can really change the appearance of your walls and fit nicely with new furniture, and new wall colours.

Walking into a great collector of my work home a few weeks back, literally took my breath away. This family had changed all the frames of my work and her display in the dark brown wood of my art gave my work a new “look” .  This was a beautiful home and the furniture had been changed to a more current style, white tufted leather sofa, glass rectangle coffee table, off mauve walls and pillow to bring the wall colour into balance and there was my work. Colourful as ever, with it’s cheerful content all dressed up in the same dark wood frames. 

Since seeing this uniformity and seeing that all art can fit anywhere if you display it right and frame it right.  Art lives forever, it won’t break down, wear out, lose colour but a little Frame Change might do the trick to re invigorate your amazing homes and show my work the love it deserves. 

Now, I am off to re frame some of my artwork too, and I have a great collection by myself and other artists that I love.

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