First impressions

I have been fortunate beyond words that my art has made great first impressions with a lot of viewers.  From day one when I visited a gallery in Canada’s capital to show my work and it was bought instantly by a customer just walking in.

First impressions are lasting impressions in all aspects of life and art should have a great introduction and leave a viewer with either questions, thoughts, or just feelings all from looking at art. I can still recall visiting the Prado museum in Madrid and seeing the most stunning paintings from so many years ago, to visiting Ottawas National gallery and always leaving ith wonderful impressions from other artits.

 There is so much talent out there,,art evokes so many feelings to different people.  I see young artists now at my art supply store and I am left with great first impressions from their work that they proudly show me now.  I can see some of them making a great career from their talent.

One of the greatest rewards fom me is the vast interest from all age groups towards my art.  From young children gravitating to the colours or simply feeling like they have been captured in happy moments, ones they can see themselves in, to grandparents going down memory lane. I hear so many stories that sometimes make me happy, sad or just reflective..and all from someones first impression of my work.  It’s a wonderful feeling for me to see and hear what people say when they see my work.  I believe in each piece being as good as the last piece I painted if not better.  Everyone deserves a great piece by me and I always keep in mind that actual people will buy the work and share it with others and I want them to have a lasting good impression from my art.

 I can only hope to continue making good first impressions with any new gallery visitors..

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