Finding Time

1234261_646216188745196_1456603907_nFinding time to paint for so many art shows this fall is challenging this season but, what a wonderful art season it has been for me this fall.  I am so blessed.

  I was commissioned by the South East Ottawa Health Community Centre to paint 3 38×48’s and that was just great, I know they will be viewed by thousands in the entrance way of this centre.  Art should be as public as possible for many to see and take in the colours and feel the action in my paintings and find ways to relate to the art.  I was pleasantly surprised with Michael obyrne from CTV presented me with the UNITED Way- community builder award on Sept. 19th during the unveiling. 

The best part of that was that my girls were there and my wonderful grandchildren who were clapping for me. Truly a touching moment.


Now just before Christmas art demand is high (thankfully) with 3 art shows due in December and just when I worry about where to find the extra time to paint, it just happens so naturally and all my panic turns into colourful art. 


I guess we find time and make time for what is important to us and that is what I am doing. Hope to see many friends and make new friends and new collectors of my work at the shows this year.  Singing off for now~


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