Dollars and Cents

What determines art pricing? 

Well, you might never consider the cost of the canvas,paints, brushes, spatulas, varnish, cleaning solutions, gesso, markers, tape and much, much  more.

A quick visit to an art shop would surprise you at the cost of tubes of paint, brushes and the like.

 However, as an artist I can attest to the fact that it is very expensive to buy these supplies.  I make weekly art purchases and many times many more visits to my favourite art supply store.

I guess you can say that’s the cost of business.  Yes it is!  I personally would never talk about this to prospective customers at my galleries, but it’s something for people to consider.   

Many people look for bargains from artists, perhaps making the artist feel it’s a favour towards them to buy their work, and ask for lower prices or those never ending donation requests.  It is an honour for an artist’s work to be liked and even a greater honour to be bought..

So, If you like an artist’s work, and see a good fit for your home ,and know what the price is ahead of time, it would save the artist awkward moments of feeling they have to give a deal.  Or a freebie.. 

Art is unique. and one can’t say ” but I can find something similar for a lower price.. ” to an artist..It’s not like buying a door that many stores carry and you can choose the lowest price.

If you like the artist’s work and you have predetermined you would like to buy it, once a price is given it would be nice if the buyer respected that, or move on. 

 I am happy that my paintings are sold at  galleries and I don’t have to deal with the embarrassing requests about pricing.  Thank goodness for great salesstaff!

 But, many artists are not in galleries, many are beginners and even the seasoned artist can be put off by someone trying to lower the price .

Personally, I feel it undervalues the artist and can lead to resentment.  Painting for a living is, after all painting for a LIVING. 

 Yes, artists love their job, I know I do, but respect would go a long way toward the hard working artist who hopes to please you with a great piece of art. 

Do you agree it’s demeaning to haggle for prices with an artist? 


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