Best thing that happened to ME is YOU!

Let me repeat that,  Best thing that happned to ME is YOU!

Why, you may ask.


  You are the reason I paint, I paint for you and you and you…It’s all the you’s out there that look at my art, think about my art, see what I see and then finally buy it. 


You buy it for colour, for looks, for feelings, for your kids, for the kid in you, for your parents, siblings, co workers, friends, wives, husbands, cousins, and, for yourselves.


How did I become so lucky? 

 What led me down this path of full time painting, and loving it for 20 years now.  It might have been my art appreciation since a child, it might have been that I said “yes I can” over and over and read and taught myself and believed that I would do what I loved no matter what…Maybe someone was smiling at me from above and showed me the way. Who knows..


What made me so determined?

  Passion that is what did it.  Even when a teacher told me NO I said YES, even when reality was saying stay in a desk job I said NO.  Even my well meaning father told me YOU WILL STARVE I said NO way..

All I can say is thank YOU! All of YOU!

Hoping my art is making YOU happy and, YOU are making me happy. 

May you all find the best thing that happened to you one day!


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