Back at it!

My one day trip to Tremblant was so refreshing and just what I needed to come to  want to paint more and more.  The skiers were amazing, such talent, such speed and such creativity in outfits. 

The condos, stores, restaurants all brilliantly painted was such eye candy for me.  The whole scene there was so dreamy and the snow covered and glistening trees sure were a sight!  Completely magical and not so different than the world I try showcase in my art.  Happy, bright, cheerful, dreamy. 

Went on the gondola ride a few times just to see it all and get a different and complete view of the beauty we have in this country of ours.

Came back from the day trip and jumped back at it, that is  into painting last night so I could still keep fresh the movement and colours I saw again.  Love this land of ours even in winter. 

Counting all my blessings!


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