In my humble opinion there are many reasons to buy art, but let’s start with just 5!

1. Buy  art pieces that you instantly fall in love with, and if you can’t afford it ask the gallery what payment plans they have, don’t forget you will live with this piece for MANY years so, it’s worth it.

2.Buy art that evokes memories , e.g. many people see my hockey art and say “that’s me” or “I can see my children playing hockey in this piece”. In my home every piece I have by me has all my children or grandkids in so I can think of them all the time.  I have other pieces of artists that I respect and enjoy their colours or happy subject matter.  I personally like art that lifts you up!

3. Buy art that will fit on your wall nicely, dont forget you can group art and different types of art pieces together or buy one large piece and let it stand out. Some people say they have a small house but one substantial piece over a couch is a statement piece and actually makes the house look bigger.

4. Buy art that has a great frame on it or even ask the gallery for a different frame if you are keeping to a colour scheme with frames. To me a frame is like the finishing touch.  Sometimes art can look fine if it’s in gallery wrap thicker canvas and can look great without the frame. 😉

5. Finally, buy art to brighten up your home, cotttage, to give away, to make someones day.  Art is truly a unique gift.  You don’t outgrow it like clothes, it’s a long lasting investment as compared to going away and when you are back the money is gone and all you have are photos.  In life we should opt to do it all if we can for balance and the home you live in should reflect your likes and tastes by the art you add to it.

So, go out there and explore and find your own reasons to buy art!

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