No guarantees!

:-) I have been working daily, always creating, painting, buying more supplies, sometimes twice weekly, and just giving my full attention to painting.  Whether painting for an upcoming show, or just to keep current art pieces in the galleries, I paint. 


Sometimes I stop and think there are NO GUARANTEES.  For what?


                                                                    For sales. 


But, I still paint, because it’s second nature to me.  A day of not creating and painting feels like a wasted day to me. 


Friends or family calls me and I tell them I am busy working, and they ask “where will the next exhibit be?” and, I stop and have to think that sometimes no show is coming up but this is what I do.  You can say it’s for the love of painting but selling is vital, but again there are NO GUARANTEES. 


The eternal optimist in me though happily paints and knows that the right buyer will come at the right time or someone needs a great new collection and more works will be bought at one time and just when I am left wondering about any pay cheques coming the call comes in to set up a new show or new commissions to be painted, so I thank my lucky stars that I can still at least afford the paints to paint, because there are NO GUARANTEES.


The only guarantee is that I will be painting!



Art as Investment?

Should you buy art for investment or for love?


I say both.  Do your research, see what is selling well, ask why the works are selling well, find out more about the artist, education, affiliations etc.    bio

For example my art over the past 15 years has tripled in value so I say that would have been a good investment if you were thinking about selling it to get cash if you needed it.  I have let my work rise very slowly over the years in price for many reasons. One major reason was that I am in painting for the long haul.  I paint because I enjoy it and wish many people to be able to afford my paintings. 

I have seen artists rise and immediately start selling their works higher and higher until they don’t sell any more. Then they have the unenviable decision to reduce the market value of their work. 

A word about Giclees, they are reproductions of the original, they should not rise in value as they are copies and hopefully controlled signed copies.  They are good to buy if your budget does not allow for an original, but if you can, buy the original as this truly will be yours and one day will rise in resale value.  In the photo inserted here, you can see the original artwork I created that was reproduced and sold as greeting cards to benefit Sick Kids Toronto.  I also feel that this original is already worth more than a similar original of the same size because it has been made into cards. 1554497

So, go enjoy art galleries, visit and buy what you love.  And unless you wish to donate or pass down your original one day, you may make some return on your purchase.