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Katerina Mertikas along with Koyman Galleries presented to Mrs. Sophie Gregoire Trudeau, an original Mertikas painting, “A Canal like no Other”, during a ceremony for Healthy Kids Awards March 2016


Colour Like Katerina Mertikas

Now Available!

My new colouring book, “Colour Like Katerina Mertikas” has just been published and is now available for purchase online!  My new book is filled with 30 original sketches that you can colour on your own.

This adult coloring book was lovingly published by Zen Coloring Pages in Ottawa, Ontario. They include free colouring pencils when you order two or more books. They offer free local pickup if you’re in Ottawa Ontario, but don’t charge shipping if your order is over 50 USD.

To buy this coloring book, please visit their online  shop at or click the buy button below. If you have any questions about the online purchasing process, contact Zen directly at or visit their website and chat with them live.

Thank you!!

For the last 23 years, painting impressionist and naive art has been the real joy in my life after my family.  When I wake up each morning I can’t wait to start on a new painting or finish one on the go. Painting brings me joy not only because I truly love to paint, but also because owners of my artwork all seem to love the blend of colours and the feeling of youthful freedom they get from my style of art.  I truly feel blessed to have found a talent with which I can both happily fill my time and delight my customers.

So enjoy browsing through my online gallery and I hope that one catches your interest.  My original artwork is currently on sale through retailers  found in the ‘where to buy’ section.  Prints of some of my best impressionist artworks are available at Koyman Galleries, please do not hesitate to email me if you have any questions.


One of Katerina’s paintings ” Honouring my Father”, was painted on October 22, 2014 after the attack in Ottawa at the War Memorial where Nathan Cirillo, the corporal standing guard that fateful day, was shot dead.

Out of her heart’s urging this painting was created, and it was featured on the front page of The Ottawa Citizen newspaper on November 1st, 2014. The article went on to explain the meaning of the painting, and announced that with Koyman Galleries, and with the Ottawa mayor’s support, limited editions are being sold and raising funds for Nathans son Marcus Cirillo’s trust fund. To read more, visit The Ottawa Citizen article.

The original painting hangs in the mayors boardroom and an embellished print hangs in Ottawas city hall for all to view. –


“Honouring my Father”

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Katerina Mertikas

“Her highly stylized art leaves one with a smile…”



Visit the galleries in the Where to Buy section to see what paintings are available.


Katerina Mertikas is a self-taught artist who was born in Tripoli, Greece. She and her family (Patrinos) immigrated to Canada in 1960; first to Montreal and then to Ottawa. Her two daughters were originally the inspiration of her work, and now she happily depicts her grandchildren in her works with a renewed energy of watching them grow. She had her first show in Ville Saint Laurent in 1989 and has been showing ever since. Painting spontaneously, in bright, bold acrylic paint, she captures what she feels and what her memory retains. Her paintings are mainly of children having fun, playing games or participating in sporting events in a naïve style. Katerina classifies her own work as naïve expressionism, trying to convey to the world the message of love, peace, innocence, and friendship. Katerina explains: “I love vivid colours. I love the feeling the painting creates within me—especially when depicting children in all their joys and excitement. I try to capture the special, happy moments in our daily lives on every canvas I paint.” Katerina’s work has been selected by UNICEF and the Canadian Lung Association for cards, stamps, and calendars to help raise funds for their charities. She has also been honoured with a “Women of Distinction” award in the arts category in 1999 and elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts, whose patron is Prince Philip of Edinburgh.


Visit the galleries to see what paintings are available

Koyman Galleries

1771 St. Laurent Blvd.
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
(613) 746-0416

Artworld Fine Art

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Phone: (416) 620-0500

 Brights Gallery

Blue Mountains, Ontario, Canada
Phone: (705) 770-5929

 Chase Art Gallery

Beaconsfield, Quebec, Canada
Phone: (514) 426-3700

Shayne Gallery

Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Phone: (514) 739-1701

Rouge Gallery

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
Phone: (306) 955-8882

Hampton Galleries

Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada
Phone: (250) 374-2400

Artym Gallery

British Columbia, Canada
Phone: (250) 342-7566





2nd hockey piece ready to show



Upcoming Art Exhibits November 7th and 8th Koyman Art Gallery Ottawa,and November 21 Chase Art Gallery Beaconsfield



book unveiling mayor and me and plaqueunnamed



Book Unveiling We Stand on Guard illustrated by Katerina Mertikas/author Menna Glyn Andrews at Ottawa City Hall with the mayor.  Books can be ordered through and Amazon.


book official cover page









Book Launch Coming Up “We stand on guard” Children’s book coming out soon details coming






24 sussex mrs. harper and me at fireplace march 6  2015



Tea at 24 Sussex Dr. with Mrs. Laureen Harper wife of Canadian Prime Minister







24x30 canadian love affair for NICU montreal



Email me for private or group lessons,



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Katerina with her painting of Cpl. Nathan Cirillo and his son.  She is selling copies to support the Cirillo trust fund.  Click here to read the Ottawa Citizen article.







CTV Guest appearance by Katerina Mertikas. Click here to see Katerina on CTV News









katerina pro parisLocal Artist Goes International. Click here for the Ottawa Community News profile about Katerina’s trip to Paris!









paris exhibitArt Exhibit in Paris April 2014







1234261_646216188745196_1456603907_n2013 recipient

UNITED WAY Community Award Builder

Katerina Mertikas OTTAWA

Click Here to see Katerina’s interview on CTV!


Artists talkMarch 13 & 14 2014 Art lessons for children 8 and up Wallacks Store, Bank Street, Sign up!














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Art on cover with full article inside the guide.
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